Studio Clear Out Sale - Oil Painting Signed by Artist

Last year I began an experiment, I began a daily painting practice where I attempted to paint a painting every day. Then, I would post a weekly digest of the paintings, all original oil paintings signed by artist (that's me!). This was a great experiment, and I would recommend it to anyone. Since then I have branched of into some other things, such as painting larger paintings that take more than one day, painting some commissioned paintings, and teaching classes, workshops, and art tours. So now, as I look back daily paintings, I am reminded of how fun it is, and that I want to get beck to it. Also, I am reminded that I now have quite afew paintings to share with others. I would love to offer them now to anyone who might enjoy them for their very own. They are now here in my studio, and you can buy one easily by clicking on going to "gallery" and browsing until you find one you like. Then, click it and buy it! I will delivery to you right away!

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